Ding, Dong, - Ding, Dong

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is an
announcement. May I have your attention please.

The next walk leaving Wecker-Gare will be the
omnibus 171109 departing 1025 calling at Spielplatz,
Biwerbaach, Eglise, Hiirzebierg, Mahnenkreuz, Stengewee,
Fransousenhau, Berbuergerbësch, Lambierg, CR135,
Cabane Am Kessel, Kesselgriecht, Rouden, Hinger,
Beelsgruecht, Kueleplatz, Reichert, and Wecker-Gare.
Passengers may need to descend where the track is
covered in leaves to assist pushing slow coaches
up the inclines.

This walk will depart in correspondance with the 1020 train
arriving from Luxembourg (d 0952). Restaurant cars are
available at the end of the walk. Onward trains to
Luxembourg depart at 1420, 1438, and 1538.

Thank you